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Become an actor of your well-being by adapting your diet thanks to specific biological analyzes

Clinique de Nutrition Physiologique mét
Clinique de Nutrition Physiologique PETI
Clinique de Nutrition Physiologique meta
Clinique de Nutrition Physiologique ACID
Clinique de Nutrition Physiologique PETI
Clinique de Nutrition Physiologique GRAN
Clinique de Nutrition Physiologique diab
Clinique de Nutrition Physiologique bila
Clinique de nutrition physiologique micr
clinique de nutrition physiologique bila
Clinique de Nutrition PHysiologique mala
clinique de nutrition physiologique bila
clinique de nutrition physiologique peri



from analysis to treatment in just a few clicks

Simple and individualized care

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I complete the health questionnaire and benefit from the first free consultation.

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I receive my collection kit directly at my home and I take the samples

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I return my kit by post and I receive the results, the interpretation and the action to be taken

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I take care of myself by becoming an actor of my health and my well-being

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PHYSIOLOGICAL NUTRITION is not reserved for a particular population. It is an open discipline, particularly suitable for dealing with issues that affect our quality of life and our well-being, on a daily basis. It also makes it possible to act upstream to sustainably maintain good health.

  • Each is unique: we do not have the same metabolism, nor the same needs.

  • Taking into account the individual and his state of health, and not just his plate.

  • An adaptation of an individual's diet to his personal profile.

  • Even a balanced diet may not meet the specific needs of an individual.

We are experts in the analysis and treatment of the microbiota

  Central role in well-being and health


Your body, through the living microorganisms it hosts, is able to naturally produce drugs:

                  - Anti-inflammatory

                  - Vitamins

                  - Anti-cholesterol

                  - Appetite suppressant

                  - Anti-diabetic

                  - Anti-depressant

                  - Anti-bloating / anti-constipation / anti-reflux / anti-diarrhea

                  - Heart protector

                  - Hepatic protector

A balanced microbiota is able to manufacture all of these natural medicines.

A depleted microbiota is unable to manufacture these drugs and therefore has more risk factors for developing states of malaise or pathologies. Alone  a personalized treatment makes it possible to restore the bacterial diversity specific to each person.

Microbiota analysis is possible from birth up to 99 years old.

Clinique de nutrition physiologique microbiote intestinal
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