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Digestive Assessments

Pièces euro

 Some of you are discouraged by the cost of these check-ups, which as they are specific, are not (yet) supported.

We are trying to find partners in particular with mutuals who could help us make these reports more accessible.

In the meantime, we have selected for you, a set of reports whose price is less than 100 euros, which will allow you  to objectively assess dysfunctions on the nutritional, digestive, immune and hormonal levels.

Low-cost reviews

Celiac disease assessment 34 euros * : this assessment highlights the antibodies that recognize gluten as a foreign agent and therefore cause inflammation when it is eaten.

Assessment of food hypersensitivities 87 euros * : gluten, soy, rice, corn, milk, eggs are all foods that can be the cause of an inappropriate immune and inflammatory reaction. The presence of excess candida albicans may also be responsible for such a reaction.

Thyroid tests 56 euros * or 77 euros * : many people suffer (often without knowing it) from the thyroid. Iodine and selenium are important elements for the correct functioning of the thyroid as well as in the synthesis of thyroid hormones (T3 and T4) which are essential for reproduction, growth, blood cell production, bone maturation , thyroid cell trophicity, nervous system development, body temperature regulation and muscle function.

The thyroid is very sensitive to oxidative stress and inflammation, which is why it is important to know its real defense capacities. (vitamin B9, CRPus, SOD, GPX).

The results of osteoporosis 61 euros * : there are biological markers that tell us about the degradation and construction of bone tissue. An imbalance in the balance between construction and degradation causes osteoporosis. The analysis of these markers makes it possible to give solutions in order to slow down the degradation and promote the construction to prevent osteoporosis.

Assessment of oxidative stress 59euros * : a cell that functions poorly undergoes significant oxidative stress. If not properly managed, this oxidative stress will cause significant damage to DNA (cancer) and to the cell (degenerative pathologies, inflammation).

Inflammatory and oxidative nutritional assessment 80 euros * : in addition to oxidative stress, this assessment assesses the essential proteins involved in inflammation.

Assessment of the Erythrocytic Fatty Acids Profile 69 euros * : this is the analysis of all the fatty acids that make up our cell membranes. There must be a balance between all these fatty acids. Indeed some have the properties of solidifying the membrane to protect it from attacks (intracellular viruses for example) others on the contrary to make it flexible to allow certain circulating cells (red blood cells for example) to twist to access the cells. the finest blood capillaries. The same goes with pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory fatty acids. Inflammation is a physiological reaction to get rid of dangerous elements. However, this inflammation must be controlled by real membrane firefighters to avoid conflagration.

Some of these fatty acids can be synthesized by the body but others must be provided by the diet or reflect the way of eating (cooking method for example).

Vitamins and minerals nutritional assessment 95 euros * : this assessment measures your vitamins and minerals involved in many physiological processes: vitamin D, active B12 and erythrocyte B9, ioduria, zinc, selenium, ferritin, copper.

It is essential if you are considering or if you are already taking a supplementation. Indeed the excess of vitamins or minerals can be more harmful than their deficits.

Protein profile review 77 euros * : this review analyzes all the proteins involved in inflammatory reactions and gives you an idea of your liver health.

Immune profile assessment 68 euros * : It represents all the agents involved in the defense of the body. We can compare immune defense like an orchestra: each element must be represented in sufficient quantity (neither too much nor too little) in order to obtain an appropriate response. In the event of an imbalance, the inappropriate response will lead to risk factors for pathologies (chronic fatigue, recurrent infections, allergies, autoimmune disease, cancer).

Liver health check 44 euros * : the liver is an important organ because it participates in many functions: detoxification, hormonal production, production of bile acid, TMAO, carbohydrate metabolism. It is the first organ encountered by pathogenic bacteria which have succeeded in crossing the intestinal barrier.

It is therefore essential to have a healthy liver as its repercussions on the rest of the body are important (chronic fatigue, migraines, nausea, acid reflux, digestive disorders, etc.)

Bile acid assessment 76 euros * : you have unresolved digestive problems but your means are limited: the bile acid assessment is for you! Thanks to it you will be able to act specifically on your digestive problems, on your microbiota and even on your brain.

Short-Chain Fatty Acids Report 77euros * : SCFAs are real drugs produced by your intestinal microbiota and which will have effects on your metabolism, your digestive, immune, pulmonary and cerebral systems. A deficit reflects a lack of manufacturing due to a lack of intake and / or depletion of your microbiota. An excess indicates an excess or poor digestion of fermentable carbohydrate (soluble fiber).

Female steroid hormone report 96 euros * : Each steroid hormone plays an important role in the growth of the body (hair growth, musculature, breast swelling, fat distribution, etc.), libido and our moods.

The steroid hormonal assessment will be indicated in the management of disorders such as: Menopause Hormonal supplementation (screening and monitoring), Contraception, Androgen deficiency related to age, Mood and cognitive disorders: memory, anxiety, stress response , sleep, neuroprotections, Genital activity, Pre - and post - menopause, Fertility. But also Endometriosis, Fibroma, Venous insufficiency, Candidiasis / urinary tract infections, Chronic fatigue

Male steroid hormone balance 65 euros * : Each steroid hormone plays an important role in the growth of the body (hair, musculature, fat distribution, etc.), libido and our moods. This assessment will be indicated in the event of chronic fatigue, Mood and cognitive disorders: memory, anxiety, stress response, sleep, neuroprotections.

Bilan profil protéique petit prix
Bilan santé hépatique petit prix
Bilan profil immunitaire petit prix
Bilan nutritionnel vitamines et minéraux
Bilan PAGE petit prix
Bilan nutritionnel inflammatoire petit prix
Bilan stress oxydant petit prix
Bilan acides biliaires petit prix
Bilan AGCC petit prix
Bilan hormonale stéroïdien fémini petit prix
Bilan hormonal stéroïdien masculin petit prix
Bilan maladie coeliaque petit prix
Bilan sensibilité alimentaire petit prix
Bilan thyroïdien petit prix
Bilan ostéoporose petit prix
Bilan Fut2 petit prix

The results of the FUT2 58 euros * : this genetic test makes it possible to determine whether you are able to secrete a mollecule which makes it possible to attach good bacteria to your mucous membranes. If this is not the case, you are suffering from recurrent infections, particularly in the digestive, urinary, vaginal and cutaneous areas, not relieved by treatments such as antibiotics or probiotics.

* excluding transport and interpretation costs

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