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Who are we ?

Personalized biology for effective and lasting results

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A PERSONALIZED BIOLOGY can tell you the different excesses or deficiencies circulating in your body.

At the same time, more and more of you want to take charge of your health.

Clinical signs which, taken in isolation, do not appear serious to an outside person (permanent fatigue, digestive discomfort, chronic pain, etc.) but which cause you real discomfort in life.

Certain harmless but related clinical signs can also be the cause of a more serious dysfunction.

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PERSONALIZED BIOLOGY and its interpretation allow you to find a cause for your problems.

Finally, some of you are already followed for a pathology with a more or less effective treatment with more or less side effects.

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A PERSONALIZED BIOLOGY makes it possible to potentiate the effects of your treatment and / or to be able to reduce the intake by and for an improvement of your general condition.

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Since 2009, I have been practicing micronutrition and preventive biology. I am surrounded by specialized health professionals. Together we are putting in place personalized support based on objective and scientific criteria so that you can become a clear and precise player in your health. "

Sebastien JEAN  

Practitioner Manager

- European University Diploma Micronutrition Food Prevention Health.

​ PARIS SACLAY university (September 2020 to December 2021)

- Member of the International Society on the Microbiota2020-2021)

- Continuing education in Preventive Biology

Association MEDIPREVENT– PARIS (September 2013 to today)

- Training certificate in expert micronutrition Microbiota module


- Training certificate in micronutrition module 1 & 2


​ - University degree in Nutrition Micronutrition Exercise Training

University EVRY VAL D'ESSONNE - EVRY (September 2013 to June 2014)

- Training certificate in Nutrition and Micronutrition



offers you rigorous individualized care

  • From the start of treatment, it is you, the patient, who are responsible for your health .

  • We are here to guide you in a personalized way, inform you by specifying the causes and consequences of a particular choice.

  • The biological assessments that we offer allow a rigorous physiological analysis in order to guide you in the best way in your care.

  • Biological assessments also allow the effectiveness of the dietary advice and treatment offered to be monitored.

Consult all the practical information in our section how it works !

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