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Your child's microbiota

a gift for life

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We now know that the intestinal microbiota is at the crossroads of our health. It is able to manufacture real natural medicines and it communicates with all our organs: liver, heart, brain, immune system, muscles, bones ...

Our microbiota is mature at the age of 3.


That is to say, it is from this microbiota that our adult health will be built. If this microbiota is sufficiently diversified, with a large amount of good bacteria and a small amount of pathogenic bacteria then we will have, if no accident occurs (poor diet, significant or chronic antibiotic therapy, infections, non-secreting fut2), a high chance to live in good health.

On the other hand, if at the age of 3 years this microbiota is poor, then the individual will have a high chance of declaring diseases such as diabetes, obesity, cancer, autoimmune diseases.

We know for example that there is a relationship between:

  • CHILD OBESITY and the increase in bacteria producing colonic fermentation.

  • ASTHMA and the increase in lachnospiracea.

  • ECZEMA and the decrease in bifidobacteria and the increase in desulfovibrionaceae.

  • COELIAC DISEASES and the reduction of bifidobacteria.

  • ATOPIC DERMATITIS and decrease in bifidobacteria and increase in firmicutes.

  • ALLERGIES and the decrease in bacteroidetes and the increase in firmicutes

clinique de nutrition physiologique micr

Between 0 and 3 years old, it is easy to modify a microbiota if you know exactly its composition.

However, after 3 years and more we get older, it will take much longer.

It is therefore essential to know the microbiota of your children if you want to do real prevention or if you want to remedy already established pathologies.

The ideal age is 2 years old. The analysis is done only by collecting stool and urine and is therefore painless for your child.

clinique de nutrition physiologique micr
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