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Desynchronization report

Clinique de Nutrition Physiologique CORT

You suffer from:


  • Insomnia

  • Sleeping troubles

  • Chronic fatigue

  • Depression

  • Hormonal disturbances

  • Metabolic disorders

  • Cardiovascular disorders

  • Neurodegeneration

  • Cancer

> So your biological clock may be malfunctioning (Nobel Prize in medicine 2017) and we have the solutions to put it back on time!

Clinique de nutrition physiologique blia

DLMO is the sleep clock. Thanks to 5 salivary dosages of melatonin we highlight a possible dysfunction of secretion in quantity or in time. Indeed, for optimal sleep and complete sleep melatonin must be secreted in sufficient quantity 2 to 3 hours before falling asleep. If this is not the case we will have to look for the causes and provide the most appropriate treatment. In addition, a phase shift in melatonin secretion is associated with a risk factor for breast cancer in women as well as resistance to its treatment. Finally, melatonin also makes it possible to counteract most of the effects of endocrine disruptors such as cadnium and therefore has an effect on thyroid function.

Sulfatoxymelatonin is the major urinary metabolite of melatonin. The measurement of its excretion in the cumulative urine of the night is used in humans to quantify the importance of the nocturnal peak of plasma melatonin and thus highlight the causes of sleep disorders (nocturnal awakening, insomnia, etc.).

clinique de nutrition physiologique bila

Cortisol is the stress hormone. It was this which allowed our prehistoric ancestors to activate physiological processes (increase in heart rate, dilation of blood vessels, release of insulin to bring more sugar into the cells) to flee from the danger (a ferocious animal for example).

Nowadays, acute stress is rarely but rather chronic (work, family…). Unfortunately, the physiological processes remain the same with disastrous consequences: cognitive disorders, problems with falling asleep or even sleep disorders, chronic fatigue, a risk factor for possible memory disorders or even Alzheimer's disease.

The analysis is carried out by saliva sampling during the day.

A deficit in the morning cortisol can be suggestive of professional exhaustion or sports overtraining while an alteration of its cycle makes it possible to make the difference between a burnout and a depression whose symptoms are similar but with a completely different effective treatment. .

The modifications of the diurnal slope of cortisol correspond to the mechanisms favoring the emergence of pathological states or marker of other forms of circadian dysregulations (cardio-metabolic, hormonal…).

Clinique de Nutrition Physiologique GRAN

The immune profile (only for hormonal profile + immune profile assessments) is not specific to the hormonal assessment but it will allow you to offer you a personalized basic treatment to reduce the excess hormones responsible for clinical dysfunctions.

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